Hillenby is a strategic communications firm that was founded in 2010 over a lunch of popover rolls and lamb sandwiches at a prominent steakhouse in Washington, D.C. The big idea sketched on the proverbial napkin did not appear that day. Instead, we drew a simple conclusion that was long in the making. The traditional public relations agency model was broken. There was a better way. And we believed we could build it.

Today we’ve grown to serve clients ranging from the largest corporations in the world to early stage technology start-ups. They come to us with a variety of challenges and opportunities — a spate of bad media coverage, an external perspective on messaging, repositioning their corporate brand, writing and training for a high stakes speech. For every engagement, we bring a senior team that stays involved, our best thinking informed by decades of experience, and a promise to be a great fit for our clients at every level.

We pride ourselves on being smart strategists who are fanatically committed to the quality of our work. Our experience includes service in the executive suites of Fortune 500 companies, the world’s largest public relations agencies, the highest levels of American government, and winning political campaigns. While we are utility players who can address almost any strategic communications need, the depth of our expertise often rivals niche players. It’s not uncommon to find us working seamlessly for clients across their legal, marketing, corporate affairs, and investor relations functions.

At Hillenby, nothing makes us prouder than a happy client. We’re thrilled when a client says that they see us as a competitive advantage, or tells us the impact of our work goes beyond just the words, or simply states at the end of a standing morning conference call that they value our partnership. All of this validates the decision we made to start our firm and the simple idea that there is indeed a better way.


To Our ClientsTo Our Colleagues
  1. To be ethical and forthright in our work and partnership.
  2. To be there for you when, where and how you need us. No matter what.
  3. To listen carefully. Each challenge is unique. Each client is unique.
  4. To base our advice and work on research, understanding and experience.
  5. To execute superbly. Quality matters. We value your time.
  6. To be candid when you need to know. To be candid when we don’t know.
  7. To view a deadline as something to beat and never to be missed.
  8. To provide the larger insights and strategies that make the difference.
  9. To help you get in front of challenges and the competition.
  10. To be absolutely thrilled to be part of your team and your success.
  1. To earn your trust, be grateful for it and work to keep it every day.
  2. To be flexible and respect your time. We all have lives outside of work.
  3. To celebrate great work and spread the credit you deserve far and wide.
  4. To recognize that there are many different ways to do things right.
  5. To offer you a stake in the success of our business and reward your contribution to that success.
  6. To be eager to learn from anyone, but especially each other. We can always be better.
  7. To encourage your ideas and creativity about both our firm and our clients.
  8. To promote your growth and provide you with opportunities to achieve.
  9. To give you the support you need to do your job and the freedom to do it with ease.
  10. To keep the work fun, interesting and challenging. Being on an adventure with good people is the great joy of a career.