• Hillenby Influence Model

    The Hillenby Influence Model is how we help our clients achieve their communications goals. It has five parts that are all connected and equally important. Together they unlock a deep and informed understanding of how to educate, persuade or activate any audience.

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    Decision Makers

    Who will decide whether your goal is achieved? Be as specific as possible. For example, a narrow customer segment, legislators on certain committees, or a type of investor.

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    Who are the most visible and trusted people and organizations on your issue? Are they promoters, detractors or on the sidelines?

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    How do decision-makers get information? Traditional sources like television or newspapers? Perhaps email or social media? Or maybe the bulletin board in the break room?

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    What messages will resonate with decision-makers? Focus on the themes, phrases, words, data and facts that will move decision-makers to support your goal.

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    What will drive conversations between influencers and decision-makers? Repetition is key. People need to hear a message three to five times before they believe it.


Hillenby is a full-service strategic communications firm. We’ve honed our in-house capabilities through decades of experience and are considered among the most skilled practitioners in our industry. We also work regularly with trusted partners who offer additional best-in-class capabilities. It is our goal to always present the most skilled and seamless team to our clients.

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Our colleagues have served clients across a wide range of sectors at Hillenby and in previous roles. We are frequently engaged because of the depth of our knowledge in specific industries and niches, but also for best practices that apply to clients no matter what their business, issue or cause may be.

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