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We Help Truth Break Through

An entirely new element of risk has entered the business equation with proven potential to hurt performance and jeopardize market opportunities.

Activists without ethical limitations are empowered as never before to distort conversations, damage reputations and destroy value. Today, meeting financial and operating objectives takes the same high levels of expertise in communications as has long been required in law and finance.

In decades of service to the leadership of some of the most prominent corporations in the world, we have seen a lot. We know how to create an environment in which your business, its products and its proposals can thrive on innovation, merit and public or consumer need. By effectively defending and promoting truth, we can reset harmful conversations and drive new ones powerfully forward to your advantage.



Reputation Management

Our campaign-style approach is designed to aggressively defend your reputation, marginalize ill-intentioned interests, and promote a positive narrative that will move decision-maker sentiment in your favor.

Public Issues Management

We employ a rigorous, research-driven process unique to Hillenby and our clients, and develop strategies that are tightly focused on delivering an outcome that supports business objectives.

Executive Communications

Our experience serving the wide-ranging communications needs of CEOs, senior leadership teams and emerging management is simply unmatched.

Special and Crisis Situations

Situations arise creating financial, operating and reputational stakes so high that clients need an external partner of indisputable trust, discretion, experience and talent.


Single User Strategies

We learn the dynamics of your business, study the broader landscape, and uncover the unique twists and turns of the particular situation for which we have been engaged.

Aggressive Advocacy

We are loyal, unabashedly committed and fiercely competitive. We do not stop in our pursuit of a positive outcome for our clients until we are told to stand down.

Consistently High-Quality

We obsess over details by culture, training and instinct. This reflects the pride we take in our work and the respect that we have for our clients, their time and their own high standards.

Cross-Function Perspective

We have the breadth of experience to gently break down silos across your business and address vulnerabilities as the outside world would see and exploit them.

Concentrated Expertise

Clients get better, faster and more seamless service — and none of the frustration that comes with having to navigate the unfulfilled promise of most agency networks.

24 / 7 / 365 Access

There is no "out of office" for Hillenby senior management. Our colleagues are client accessible to handle urgent matters day or night, on a weekday, weekend or holiday.


Hillenby clients range from the world’s largest publicly traded companies to closely held businesses in specialized sub-sectors. Let us know how we can help you and your business succeed.